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No Parking, It’s A No-Parking Zone

Like you, I also like my privacy but I have over time come to realize that in our world like the ‘dance floor which is designated for dancing, whatever we do in our so-called privacy space impacts others either positively or negatively.
Simply put, the dance floor is a no-parking zone, so you can’t park there; as succinctly underscored by the chorus line of a song of the same title, “No Parking on the Dance Floor”, by Midnight Star – a popular American contemporary R&B music group of the 1980s.
If we also take a minute to carefully look at our world, we will realize that we all are expected to be performing one activity or the other at any and every point in time. In order words, no one is allowed to occupy space and time in this world without performing any activity, no matter how small. From the moment the little child steps into this world, that child is expected to cry to give assurance to those present at birth that he or she is alive, and if the child refuses to cry everyone around becomes very worried.
I consider it intriguing that all through our lives from the time we were born to the time we are expected to be crawling as children to the time we eventually die, what we do or do not do, either directly or indirectly impacts other people’s lives and that is why it may seem that other people are ‘poking into what you consider your personal affairs, but which in reality is everyone’s affair.
The earlier we all realize that what we do, or do not do, either positively or negatively impacts others, the better for all of us. Recently, I was invited to a programme on one of the national television stations in Nigeria to share some thoughts on the celebration of the International Day for People of African Descent which since last year is now celebrated annually on the 31st of August. The celebration was created by the United Nations to commemorate the diverse heritage and several contributions of people of African descent.
I tried as much as I could to emphasize the fact that such recognition does not come from inaction and that this particular celebration essentially came into being through the recognition of contributions made by the African Diaspora to arts, culture, science, medicine and other fields.
It is truly unfortunate that due to the partial shutoff of gas deliveries as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the global growth outlook has continued to darken with the European economy facing a serious setback. This situation is more disheartening for me because I know for a fact that if my country, Nigeria had taken the right steps and had been prepared to go by the fact that the country is said to have gas reserves in the neighbourhood of 206.53 trillion cubic feet worth over $803.4trn, it would have been a very prosperous time for the country as it becomes more positively active and useful in the world, helping to save the world from the pain everyone is going through now.
As we join the rest of the world to celebrate the life and times of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we will be featuring a short piece on her as our cover story, highlighting her very cordial relationships and engagements with Africa. The entire team of Inside Watch Africa (IWA) commiserate with the royal family, the Government and people of the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth of Nations and indeed the whole world on her demise and celebrates the ascension to the throne of King Charles III.
We are deeply grateful to GOD that we can bring to you yet another interesting edition of IWA. I wish you a pleasurable reading experience.

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