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Wakame Restaurant receives Chef Saiful for added angle of brilliant dining 

Lagos, 3 March 2021 Lagos: Lagos Marriott Hotel, Ikeja is excited to announce the arrival of Chef Saiful Mizan as a plus to the Hotel’s Wakame Restaurant operations.

According to The General Manager for Lagos Marriott Hotel -Rudi Janse Van Rensburg- “Saiful is a Malaysian born Asian food expert; brought up in “Perak” North region of Malaysia. The Asian Cuisine pro arrives with 16 years of experience and over 5 years working in different regions of east, west and south Malaysia. 

He had further up in his career; gained considerable knowledge of Pan Asian cuisine from stints in different parts of the worldsuch as the Maldives, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Iraq where he worked with various national and international organizations. 

Chef Saiful’s epicurean manner propels him to enjoy Asian style cooking with “Wok style chili crab” as his signature dish. This elevated menu consists of crabs and spicy sauce flavored with fresh Asian herbs. His all-time favorite dish is “Buttered Prawns” which he loves to offer to his teeming guests as “chef’s special”. When asked his favorite meal choice, he reply’s with a beaming smile “a delicious South Asian Chinese dish called “Hainase chicken rice” and occasionally a “Beef Rendang” with coconut rice alongside sambal for all friends who wish to visit”.

The General Manager further adds “His enthusiasm for clever and creative gastronomy allows him to turn every meal into a journey that provokes curiosity; unlocks discovery over unforgettable flavors that linger on the palate and mind.

Saiful will describe his cooking style as a sophisticated balance between innovation and an inspired deference for the finest ingredients. His ultimate goal is to consistently inspire Wakame guests as they enjoy a broad combination of flavors and textures to spark a new and soul lifting appreciation of fine cuisine. 

“He mentions “Wakame Restaurant is inspired by Asian cuisine and uses only the freshest ingredients around world class culinary equipment. As a specialty Wakame Chef; I am passionate about the opportunity the restaurant will provide me to lend my expertise. Our customers should expect to savor a variety of wholesome, fresh and delicious menu items such as my ginger beef noodles with vegetable slaw and soft fried eggs as part of the traditional Asian blended cuisine which the restaurant offers.

Saiful infuses his very eclectic style of cooking into the Wakame Restaurant to ensure truly exciting and fulfilling dining experiences. The passionate Gastronomist promises that each plate he churns out turns into an experience where the greatest desire and craving of any foodie instantly comes alive; andkeeps our guests coming back for more”. 

Rudi remarks “When Saiful is not cooking up delicacies; his favorite pastime is travelling and as a proud father of 2 sons; exploring different places and cultures with his kids while unwinding with Oldies music. His most favorite song choice is George Michael’s “careless whisper”.    

On an interesting note; when asked which animal he would choose to represent him; he replies “I see myself as a cat, because I believe I share their characteristics of straight forwardness, focus, attention to detail, kindness and ease in getting along with everyone”.

“What’s more,” says Rudi “Chef Saiful looks forward to his new journey in Lagos which will consist largely in offering our Wakame Restaurant Patrons; dining experiences that opens up a world of eye-opening and life changing possibilities; with every bite being an anticipation of what’s next. 

We are delighted to welcome Saiful Mizan to the Lagos Marriott Hotel, Ikeja and we wish him the very best” Rudi concludes.

To learn more about Wakame Restaurant please visit                                         or call +234 9089 991040 or check us out on Instagram @wakamelagos