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“WE WILL JEALOUSY PROTECT OUR SYMBIONTS WITH ANIMALS AND AGRICULTURAL PLANTS” – Deputy Comptroller Shuaibu Team leader of the Comptroller General of Customs Strike Force Zone (A)

From time immemorial, human beings world over have always seen themselves has supreme species and have seen other species such as plants and animals as resources to exploit. Therefore, accepting non-human nature as bona-fide part of our society is still very alien to most people world over. Ironically, living and conducting our daily activities in this very fundamental misconduct has continued to grievously impact our World. We human beings must as a matter of urgency come to terms with the fact that we are not the only stakeholders here on planet earth and that our health as well as our well-being is dependent on how well we manage our relationships with non-human nature who in the real sense are our co-inhabitants on planet earth.

The above line of thought formed the core message of the press conference held by the Comptroller General of Customs Strike Force Zone (A) on Wednesday 1ST OF December 2021 at the government warehouse Ikorodu, Lagos. After exchanging pleasantries with the press and welcoming us in his usual warm manner, Deputy Comptroller Ahmadu Shuaibu, the team leader of the strike force started by informing us the strike force had made a total of 103 seizures between the months of October and November 2021, with a Duty Paid Value of N7, 851,656,053.00. Shuaibu who attributed the seizures largely to the commitment and dedication of the his team as well as reliable intelligence while conducting the press round the warehouse, said that the seizure consisted of 61 containers of wood with a DPV of N6, 874,173,101; 36 containers of charcoal with DPV of N381, 916,500.00, 1,110 pieces of raw hides and skin in 185 sacks with a DPV of N61,188,750.00 Others are 1×20 ft container of batteries with DPV of N19, 163,052; 4x40ft containers of second hand clothing with a DPV of N566, 700,000 and 1x20ft container of tomato paste comprise of in 1,912 cartons, with a DPV of N9,703,400.00

He reemphasized the fact that the he and his team will continue to do everything within their power not to prevent any form of illegalities in both the import and export in and out of Nigeria. He warned that he and his officers will not relent in confronting and routing all acts of economic sabotage and activities that tend to undermine both the environment and ecosystem, especially as the Christmas and New Year festivities draws near. He said that the team recovered a total revenue receipt of N4.2billion through demand notices (DNs), within the period under review. According to Shuaibu their investigations revealed that the woods and donkey hides and skins were been smuggled to the Middle East with the connivance of some unpatriotic Nigerians and their foreign cohorts. He then size the opportunity to urge farmers and villagers to avoid the temptations of pecuniary benefits from foreigners who want to destroy our environment through inordinate business.
Shuaibu said that he and his team are resolved to continue to justify the confidence reposed on them by the Comptroller General of Customs who gave them the task of protecting the economic life of our country and well-being of the people”. According to Shuaibu, seven suspects were arrested in connection with the seizures, but they had been granted bail in accordance with the extant law of Nigeria.
In concluding the press conference Shuaibu said that since he assumed office in October last year he said the ICT unit of the Strike force had generated more than N4.2 billion by raising demand notices, while from January to November this year, no less than N3.6 billion had been generated as revenue also through demand notices.