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All about Instruments of Africa

Meet the Founder

Ezekiel Olaleye


Ezekiel Olaleye is a Nigerian-American inventor and the founder of Instruments of Africa (IOA). IOA is an innovative company that specializes in creating contemporary products that are inspired by Africa’s heritage. Instruments of Africa was firstlaunched in the United States in 2016, incorporated in 2017, and was subsequently incorporated in Nigeria and United Kingdom.

As the inventor and the founder of IOA, Ezekiel Olaleye has a broad background in various disciplines. First, he acquired his associates degree in accounting, bachelor’s degree in Finance at the University of Baltimore, Master of Divinity degree from Lipscomb University, and he’s on course to graduate with a doctorate degree in Education with a concentration in Leadership from Liberty University.

While he’s worked in the finance and chaplaincy industries, he is passionate about music and innovation. Apart from his educational background, Ezekielis a multi-talented instrumentalist; he plays five musical instruments, he builds and designs musical instruments, and electronic component. His passion for music has taken him around the world and his passion for innovation has brought about Instruments of Africa. 

Instruments of Africa is known for their iconic “African Electric Guitar” that is designed in the shape of the African landscape (In the shape of Africa or made in the image of Africa). While IOA is known for their African shaped products, they are also into other innovative products that will be released in the nearest future. Ezekiel is passionate about African innovation and with Africa in mind, IOA is set to launch their 9 models of guitar in Lagos on August 29th, 2021 at the Terra Kulture event center. All their guitar models are named after 9 capital cities across the continent. According to Ezekiel, when a people don’t have innovative mindset, stagnancy becomes inevitable. 


WHO WE ARE: Birth from a place of passion and pride for the continent that contributes to the world musically, culturally, and creatively, Instruments of Africa (IOA) is an innovative company that specializes in creating contemporary products that are inspired by Africa’s heritage.

OUR MISSION: Our mission at IOA is to advance creativity with innovative ideas. 

OUR PRODUCTAfrica is the home of some of the world’s most popular sounds and all of us at IOA are on course to contribute to the legacy of music with our line of specially crafted guitars in the shape of Africaand advance creativity through our futuristic products.

Our guitars are carefully and intentionally designed, assembled, and tested to ensure users have the best musical experience and a sense of pride in the African innovation. IOA guitars and products are inspired and named after cities across the continent to provide a sense of connection to the African root. 

When you play our guitars, you will get a sense of the rhythmic sounds, beautiful tones and grooves that delivers euphoric satisfaction.