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Photos: Jumoke Odetola’s My Mirror Movie Premiere in Lagos

My Mirror is a thought-provoking film about love, family values, and various forms of abuse in the home. Parents to their children, husbands to their wives, and wives to their husbands.
The dangers, psychological, and traumatic effects on children, even after they reach adulthood. Overall, the psychological impact of a bad past and the need for professional help or therapy as childhood memories have a way of sticking in people’s minds.

It is true that some childhood experiences are positive, while others are negative and ugly. Importantly, childhood experiences can influence or shape an adult’s outlook on life and interactions with others. Someone with a bad or ugly past who never went through healing/therapy may not be mentally healthy, which may endanger his/her interpersonal relationships at work, home, community, and so on, affecting society as a whole.

We are raising awareness about the importance of having a mentally stable society through this highly entertaining and informative film. Abuse between parents, abuse from parents to children, abuse on men—this is a part of preventing men from expressing their emotions and feelings, as well as telling a man to act like a man,

Jumoke Odetola

Corporate sponsors for the My Mirror film include FCMB, Jameson, ZYLUS homes, FarmKonnect, Addy group, and others.