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Emirates Skycargo Expands GDP Compliant Pharma Facilities

LAGOS, NIGERIA; JUNE 2021 – Emirates SkyCargo has invested in expanding its GDP compliant pharma facilities in Dubai. The air cargo carrier had set up a dedicated GDP certified airside hub in Dubai for COVID-19 vaccines in October 2020, and has also partnered with leading Dubai based entities and UNICEF for the rapid transport of COVID-19 vaccines to developing nations through Dubai. 

This expansion will allow Emirates SkyCargo to store and transport more volumes of lifesaving medication including COVID-19 vaccines through Dubai. With its sophisticated infrastructure and extensive storage capacity, Emirates SkyCargo positioned itself to fly in large quantities of COVID-19 vaccines from manufacturing locations, store the vaccines in Dubai and then regularly replenish vaccine supplies to developing nations with limited cold chain infrastructure through its cargo flights.

Emirates SkyCargo has transported more than 75 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines through Dubai. The carrier expects to move more than 100million doses before the end of this month of June 2021 due to increased demand for movement of vaccines especially to developing markets.

Emirates SkyCargo is a global leader in the air transportation of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals. Emirates SkyCargo has been leading the global air cargo industry’s response for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Its passenger freighters have also played a key role in the transport of COVID-19 vaccines.

With its fleet of modern and efficient all wide-body aircraft and a network that currently spans more than 130 destinations across six continents, combined with the strategic geographic location of its state of the art GDP certified Dubai hub, Emirates SkyCargo is a key global player in the secure and rapid global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.