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Bellafricana’s Meet the Founder

Achieving a dream is never easy and taking that dream a bit further into a reality is more difficult. So, establishing a sustainable business that creates solutions to problems is a remarkable achievement.

Today on  Bellafricana’s Meet the Founder, we have the pleasure of meeting the CEO of Crivel Watches

 Mr. Babatunde Awe.   

1. Please Introduce Yourself and Your Background 

My Name Is Babatunde Awe, The Founder & Creative Director Crivel Watches.

I am a proud member of the  Bellafricana Community.

2. Tell us what you do at Crivel? 

At Crivel, I’m Charged With The Responsibility Of Designing And Managing The Production Process Of All Our Pieces Up Until They Are Pushed To Market.

3. How Did You Come About The Name and What Does It Mean? 

– The Name Crivel Was Coined From A Portuguese Word Incrivel Which Means Awesome/Incredible, Being That My Last Name Is Awe, And I Thought It Was Suitable For My Brand.  Just Want To Make Awesome Watches.

4. What Is Your Niche And How Did You Know It Was A Market To Get Into?

 – With Crivel Watches, We Hoped To Create A Special Brand That Would Represent Africa Is The Watch Making Industry.  An Industry That Has A Lot Of Players Both High-End And Mass Market.

 Crivel Has Created A Mix Of Both By Production Of Limited Edition High-End Timepieces With More Affordable Price Points.  With My Love For Accessories (Mostly Watches),  It Just Felt Right To Follow My Gut.

5. Where Do You Get The Inspiration For Your Products? 

– Inspiration For Products Mostly Come From More Established Brands, Studying Their Designs And Seeing Where I Can Improve On Them.

The birth of my daughter also inspires me a lot, becoming a Daddy has been great and inspirational. I am more inspired to create a great business and a solid legacy for my daughter.

6. Can You Remember One Of The First Products You Made? What Makes It Memorable? 

– The First Product Was The De Luxo Timepiece. It’s A Unique Design with a Dome Glass Which Is Something You Don’t See on A Lot of Watches.

7. What Are Some Of The Challenges You Face In Your Business? 

The Biggest Challenge We Face Is Access To Foreign Exchange To Settle Our Obligations.

8. Do You Have Any Regrets Venturing Into This Line Of Business? 

– None Whatsoever, The Only Regrets Is Not Starting Sooner.

9. What Is Your Most Popular Product? 

– The First Product We Made, The De Luxo.

10. To What Extent Do You Draw Upon Your Nigerian (African) Heritage For Your Work? 

– Right Now, The Elegance There Is In The Simplicity Of Our Culture.

We Also Have A New Collection Coming Soon But Watch Out For That.

11. What Are Some Of Your Short Term And Long Term Goals, Both In Your Business And Life In General? 

– Short Term – To Have Crivel Establish Herself As The Biggest Watch Brand From Africa And Be A Part Of The Journey. Long Term – Investment Banking.

12. What Profession Would You Be In If You Weren’t In This Industry? 

– Finance, Which I Am In Anyway.

13. If You Could Give One Piece Of Advice To Anyone Who Wants To Start Their Own Business In Your Industry, What Would It Be? 

Go For It, Find What You Are Passionate About And Don’t Be Discouraged By Anyone. 

Started This Being Told I Was Crazy And Here We Are Today, I Guess I Like Crazy.

14. What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Well, they would be surprised that I am most happy when I am spending quality time with my daughter. Spending time with her is a big deal to me.

15. And Finally, Please Share Images Of Some Of Your Work And Tell Us A Little About Each Product, And Their Prices.