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Album Release – Gorgeous Worship by Seun Ayeni GGG

Finally, the wait is over. Seun Ayeni fondly called GGG (meaning Gorgeous Godly Genius) has released a body of work we think is amazing.
According to him, the Gorgeous worship album project took him 3 years to complete, owing to the fact that it is an album of worship songs that need to have inspired messages, and you cannot rush being inspired, he says.

The 7 tracked album is a masterpiece and has since its release on April 12 been rated by brilliant musicians like Nosa, GT da Guitarman, Big Bolaji, Faze, K-Peace of the Nigerian Idol fame and so many others.
This goes to show that apart from being an inspirational piece, it also didn’t lack quality in terms of music.

Feel free to download using the link below: