About Inside Watch Africa

Inside Watch Affrica is a socio-cultural and development issue based trade magazine designed to reconnect Africans to the very essence of Africa and what is African.

Inside Watch Africa, a monthly magazine that focuses on the intricacies of happenings around the African continent, with a bias for Nigerian news, has been launched onto the African newstands.

Published by Oluwaseyi Adeyemo, Inside Watch Africa, or IWA, as it is fondly referred to, has a spread of every aspect of the African life. Whether it is the traditional institution, the African nutritional advantage or the economics of tourism among others, the magazine has an indepth analysis of all.
And though it is new in the Nigerian media market, it definetly promises to be sizzling. More so with its incursion into areas hitherto neglected by the contemporary papers.

Staffed by some of the most competent and creative minds in the industry, IWA is certainly on course. This is not carpeting some of the errors in the maiden edition.

Yet, it is quite modest to say it was not a bad start, as most of the errors are either typographical or mistakingly editorial. In all, the first edition, which is the December 2008 volume, offers an interesting read, and a superlative companion. A sign that subsequent editions will always have a story to tell.

Some of those who have gone through the maiden edition say it is has come to stay. According to Major Sam Olaosebikan(retd), a former finance officer in the Nigeria Army: “It is a must-read. My preference is the aspect that discusses finance and trade in Africa. And I must say, so far, am impressed.” Like Major Olaosebikan, many others reckon that IWA is a journal for every household.


Our Vision

We intend to achieve the above by employing various features of the magazine to address different aspect of development in Africa and of Africans all over the world.

The Philosophy Behind Our Campaign

* Launch an aggressive awareness campaign on the African people to the world

* Xray the Economic Potentials of Africa in areas to trade,mineral deposits,cottage industries,Local wares and artifacts,goods and Services,Tourisim, historical Sights and Monuments,Culture and Tradition including Traditional Institutions of political authority and administration.

* Create Platform to Recognize and Celebrate both the corporate entities and Individuals whose Socio-Cultural and developmental contributions have continued to have far Reaching Positive impact on the Lives of Africans

* Re enforce the Connections between Government and the People at all levels